7:30-8:00   Check in

8:00-8:15   Intro & Break up into Groups

8:15-10:45 Rotate Through Stations

         Clinic Stations:

         Swim (lifeguard will be on hand)

         Beginner Group– swim skills & technique, Focus on sighting, Buoy turns

         Advanced Group– Entry & exit from open water, Sighting, Buoy turns, Drafting

         Transitions– How to set up transition area, Running with bike skills, Learn & practice correct dismount, Practice swim->bike          & bike->run transitions

         Bike-Basic bike education (safety), Bike rules, Age Appropriate bike handling (steering, shifting, cornering, cone maze)

         Run– Dynamic warm-ups, drills, form work, pacing

10:45-11:00 Race Prep & Set-up

11:00-12:00 Mock Triathlon- Families are invited to attend.

                Ages <12       75m swim, 3K bike, 800m run

                Ages 12-15   150m swim, 5K bike, 1K run

Instructors   375m swim, 10K bike, 2.5K run


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